Our Work

Spread Concepts creates innovative technology for complex distributed systems and challenging network environments in a wide variety of deployment scenarios. We specialize in difficult projects and focus on practical solutions that work to address our client's complex requirements and high performance expectations. Our work is based on a strong theoretical and experimental foundation, tempered by years of hands-on development and deployment experience at all levels of a project's life cycle.

Our domains of expertise include:

  • Highly available, high performance, fault tolerant, distributed architectures
  • Overlay networks on a global scale
  • Intrusion-tolerant SCADA systems for critical infrastructure
  • Resilient and scalable distributed messaging and group communication
  • Dependable network services, providing low latency, high availability and high reliability
  • Protocols for specialized domains, including wireless networks and mobile ad-hoc networks
  • Distributed solutions that scale to internet size
  • Cloud and datacenter architectures
  • Fault tolerant peer replication systems and state synchronization
  • Distributed architectures that are resilient to both internal and external attacks

Creative, cutting-edge solutions developed by Spread Concepts:

Our portfolio spans a range of diverse projects addressing a spectrum of technology challenges, including the examples below.

  • Design and development of a global cloud network for professional quality live video distribution
  • Multi-master replication systems, providing low latency and high throughput for large scale environments that experience server crashes and network partitions
  • Reliable Multicast protocols for mobile ad hoc networks
  • Delay & Disruption Tolerant store & forward systems
  • Design of a mission critical distributed information system that continues operation during sophisticated cyber attacks
  • An in-memory replicated hash table designed to maximize scalability and performance without sacrificing consistency guarantees
  • The Spread Toolkit - a high performance open source messaging service that is resilient to faults across local and wide area networks - www.spread.org
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