Welcome to Spread Concepts

Spread Concepts develops advanced, research-based technology  to address real-world problems in distributed systems and networking. Our solutions are used by leading global companies and can be found behind a wide range of applications and settings, including off-the-shelf products,  embedded hardware and global cloud infrastructure.        More about us >>

We develop expert solutions to address a spectrum of unique requirements:

  • Highly available, high performance, fault tolerant architectures that scale to global internet size
  • Intrusion-tolerant SCADA systems for critical infrastructure
  • Resilient distributed messaging and group communication
  • Dependable network services, providing low latency, high availability and high reliability
  • Cloud and datacenter architectures
  • Protocols for specialized domains, including: wireless networks, mobile ad-hoc networks, overlay networks
  • Fault tolerant peer replication systems and state synchronization                                   More about our work >>

Our Services

Spread Concepts offers a broad range of services including consulting, support, technology solutions and custom development.